ErgonomMy - healthy comfort space

There are many of us. We are all different. Big and small, thin and fat, beautiful, tall and short, beloved and a little crazy.

And we want a beautiful and healthy posture.

We want and will get smart spaces to work and sleep. 

Ergonomic furniture for every taste for work and at home, for adults and children. Ergonomic and orthopedic chairs, tables and mattresses that you have been looking for!

 The professional assistance of a physiotherapist and the unique design, combined with a patented ergonomic system, will satisfy even the most sophisticated requests and provide all the functionality necessary for health.

  • Ergonomic workplaces
  • Increasing work capacity 
  • Increasing the company's income 
  • Sleep and quality of life 
  • Whole back Good mood and well-being

Professional consultation of designer and ergonomist

Natalia Batalina

LV: +371 27831268
EE: +372 56222225

Would you like to test the chairs yourself as a compliment? We would be happy to find the right model for you.