Using the unique service "Create the chair of your dreams", you can choose the configuration, color and finishing material, based on your taste - choosing the parameters and style of the interior. In this case, the price will change slightly. How to choose the right ergonomic office chair? What features should it have?

  • ergonomic headrest - to reduce stress on the cervical region; 
  • thoracic spine support system to breathe deeply, improve thought process and performance; 
  • lumbar spine support system - to reduce the load on the spine; 
  • system to reduce the load on the coccyx - to reduce the pressure of body weight; 
  • control of the correct position of the pelvis - to stabilize the position in the chair and improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs; 
  • air circulation system - to ensure free access of air flows in the pelvic organs.

Together with physiotherapists we recommend a variety of ergonomic furniture for work and home for adults and children. 

KULIK-SYSTEM are the orthopedic chairs you have been looking for!

Focus on work and business promotion, not back pain. Ergonomic chairs allow you to work with comfort and pleasure. With a unique Italian design combined with a patented ergonomic system, KULIK-SYSTEM chairs will satisfy even the most sophisticated requests and provide all the functionality necessary for health.

Armchairs are made using innovative technologies. In cooperation with qualified specialists in ergonomics, orthopedics and physiotherapy, we help our customers find the most suitable furniture for work and leisure, without forgetting about beauty and design.

The KULIK SYSTEM product catalog will not leave anyone indifferent.

Modern children spend a lot of time on computers and gadgets, which negatively affects their health. Italy is a country that took care of this and offered anatomical office chairs that follow the contours of the body and ensure the maintenance of an even posture.

It's sad when the price of funny computer games is scoliosis and curvature of the spine. Think about it, maybe you should order the right chair for your child or office. 

You can buy an orthopedic chair for a computer anywhere. But Italian quality will exceed all your expectations, because KULIK-SYSTEM orthopedic chairs have a lot of advantages: 

  • emphasize individuality; 
  • conquer with their forms at first sight; 
  • provide healthy comfort during work and rest; 
  • the cost is far below the excellent quality. 

Orthopedic chair from KULIK SYSTEM - your best choice